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6, 12, and 18 Week Program


6 weeks (minimum 3x a week) $350

12 weeks (minimum 3x a week) $650

18 weeks (minimum 3x a week) $900

One of the questions I have been asked a lot over my 18 year collegiate coaching career is "how can I throw harder?' I have given the same answer I am sure most coaches have said, long toss and hit the weight room. While that advice has helped some of the players I have coached, there were far too many that worked hard and did not see the velocity gains that I felt they were capable of acheiving. Being at a small junior college I was not going to get very many hard throwers out of high school, so I had to find a way to get pitchers throwing harder. I began doing research to determine what was available. I stumbled upon a program that I had unknowingly seen firsthand while with UCM at the National Championship game back in 2001. That pitcher beat us. 

I knew that this program was worth a shot. I could not have believed the results that would follow. Within the fist 6 weeks of the program, 11 out of 12 pitchers who tried it had thrown career highs in velocity off the mound in a game. I was astonished. What was even better was that all 12 pitchers command and quality of breaking ball improved. It gets better! Not only did the velocities jump, but my pitchers' endurance improved. They were able to bounce back quicker and a lot of the pains and aches they were accustomed to after pitching lessened or went away all together. 

I now want to help other pitchers out there who are looking for answers on how they can throw harder and feel better. This program can help everyone from the high school pitcher that wants a chance to play at the college level down to the beginning pitcher that wants to learn the correct way to pitch right out the gate.

Much like any strength program, results are best when the player can attend multiple times per week. This is the reason that I require any pitcher enrolled in this program to attend at least three sessions per week. Simply put, it's a marathon, not a sprint. For more information please feel free to call.

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