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Pitching and/or Hitting


Individual Lessons (pitching or hitting) 45 minutes $45 for first lesson, $40 each additional lesson

Group Lessons (from two to a full team) 2 students $60, 3-4 students $80, 5-6 students $100 per 60 minute session

Unlock the hidden power in your swing. I have worked with hitters and have been able to increase their power. I have had 5 collegiate players finish in the top 10 nationally in home runs, all by simply making some simple adjustments. Each player's stance is unique, but all great hitters get to certain check points in their swing. Let me help you reach your hitting goals.

Work either individually, in small groups, or with an entire team to improve on pitching, hitting, or both. I can customize a series of lessons to strengthen your game.

Individual and Group Instruction: Services
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