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Instruction Programs and Rentals

Whether you're looking for instruction individually, small group, or entire teams we can customize your experience to suit your needs. We have two cages with pitching machines and one full length throwing area.

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6, 12, and 18 Week Program

This program is based on strengthening the accelerators and decelerators of the arm. Proper sequencing of the body, and learning correct pitching grips.

Great for high school pitchers wanting to play at the college level as well as the beginning pitcher who wants to learn the correct way to pitch from the start.

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Pitching and/or Hitting

Work either individually, in small groups, or with an entire team with Coach Culbertson to improve on pitching, hitting, or both. He can customize a series of lessons to strengthen your game.

Individual Lessons- 45 minutes

$45 for for first lesson

$40 for each additional lesson

Group Lessons- 60 minutes

$60 for 2 students

$80 for 3-4 students

$100 for 5-6 students


Individual Cage or Facility (Open by appointment only)

If you're in need of a single cage with a pitching machine or want a whole facility for your team, we can help you.

1 Cage 

$10 for 30 minutes

$20 for 60 minutes

2 Cages

$20 for 30 minutes

$40 for 60 minutes

Full Facility

2 cages & pitching area

$80 per hour

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